Break or be Broken

Will You Crack Under Pressure

A new innovative take on classic 2D fighters! Join Dhalia Thorne and Achealis Thorne (and many more!) as you partake in a battle to test one's Resolve!

Show Your Resolve

Use Resolve to power through attacks. Resolve protects you from incoming damage and stun. Once depleted, however, you'll become more vulnerable to attacks. Use your Resolve wisely!

Crystal Clear Aesthetics

The fast paced action on the other side of the screen is brought to life in vivid detail. All characters beautifully animated in a handdrawn 2D style, complimented by in-depth 2.5D visualized background.

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Shatter Point Games

Ryan Santiago

Producer/2D Animator/Gameplay Programmer

Eric Hu

AI/Gameplay Programmer/Website

Jacob Thompson

Gameplay Programmer/VA

Nathan Baledio

Gameplay Programmer

Cole Watts

Gameplay Programmer

Jack Cuneo

Networking Programmer

Ivan Lopez

Networking Programmer

Katheriya Prowsri (aoburt/aoi)

2D Animator/Artist

Haley Hayashi

2D Animator/Artist

Rosie Longo

2D Animator/Artist

Crystal Yu

Environmental/Technical Artist

Cole Cota

Environmental Artist

David Sherbinin

UI/UX Artist

Madeleine Glenn

Composer/Character Artist

Randy Kim


Dallas Truong

SFX Designer

Torrey Chandran